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Element Centumbrie


Element Centumbrie
Element Centumbrie
The EVO Bistrot
Absolute stars in the kitchen:
extra virgin olive oil
and all the basic ingredients
we produce

The Evo bistro is our gastronomic hotbed, where we forge together flavors and traditions for a fun, tasty dining experience.

The location began as a gourmet bistro in our olive mill and now, thanks to the visionary idea of Michelin-starred chef Gennaro Esposito, has been transformed into a sort of metropolitan club where culinary and other experiences can be enjoyed.

From aperitifs to after dinner, our 150 m2 kitchen offers dishes ranging from raw fish to pizza, from the tastiest tapas to proper gourmet menus, all based on excellent raw ingredients.

A rich wine list, a 7-meter cocktail bar that’s always active and serving up new concoctions, themed events and plenty of music all transform Evo Bistrot CM Centumbrie into one of the most interesting and multifaceted places in the area.

The idea is to create a cozy place where you can enjoy the authentic flavors of CM Centumbrie in a lively, inviting atmosphere. Scrumptious dishes to share with friends, smoked goods made in our Josper oven, crispy pizza, and a "chef’s table" where you can sample dishes in the kitchen as the chefs work!

Centumbrie Evo Bistrot
Centumbrie Evo Bistrot
Centumbrie Evo Bistrot
Element Centumbrie
/ Our raw materials

Every day offers a variety of different breads. Stone-ground flour and natural leavening.


The bistro kitchen is a veritable hub where all of our food services are carried out: from light lunches to be eaten at the adjacent bar, to home catering services offered in CM Casa Mia Centumbrie vacation villas.
The raw materials come primarily from our organic farm: vegetables, legumes, flours and, of course, our extra virgin olive oil, the star attraction. The CM Centumbrie bistro is a place of research and discovery of extra virgin olive oil. Our products accompany local meats as well as fish from the lake, rivers and sea in a journey made of terroir and unique fusions.

Centumbrie Evo Bistrot
Centumbrie Evo Bistrot


A diverse wine list that brings together a careful selection of small artisan producers, great wine classics and historic wineries. The sparkling wine section is also very rich.
A true "emotional journey" that starts from Italy and reaches the farthest corners of the world.